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This site contains information about Taranga - an organization actively promoting arts and culture of Bharata [India] since 1981, bringing out various dance, drama and publications in U.S.A. The activities are listed under "Contents" above.

Taranga deeply thanks all those who participate and help in all its productions. It is the Taranga team work with the grace of God that brings success to Taranga programs.

Taranga programs are inspired by the life, work, and published lectures (Amaravani) of yogi-seer H.H. Sriranga Sadguru, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga Vijnana Mandiram, Mysore, India. Also Taranga is grateful to the blessings and guidance of yogi-seer H.H. Swami Sri Ranga Priya.

Please visit the Mandiram website for more information.

Our vision

" It is the view of the rishis of Bharata that spiritual enlightenment is the ultimate goal of life. That is the attainment of ultimate joy (Ananda). That is liberation (Mukti). Spiritual knowledge (Jnana) is that by which one merges into the light of Atman as a river merges into the ocean. The rishis or jnanis having attained this ultimate goal have brought forth the knowledge (Vijnana) in science and arts keeping in line with their roots in spiritual knowledge (Jnana) because Vijnana is the manifestation of Jnana. It is for this reason an in-depth sincere study of knowledge in science and arts at any stage of manifestation will lead to the attainment of the ultimate goal of spiritual knowledge (Jnana)".

Sriranga Sadguru
Karnataka, India.