SriChakra Homam in New Jersey on September 29 2012

Sri Maathre Namaha!

We are at the day of the Homam!

No restrictions on food – you do NOT need to fast before you start the homam.
Also, you can perform the homam by yourself – couples are are preferred, but NOT mandatory.

Address is :

95 Cranbury Neck Rd, Cranbury, NJ 08512.
Phone: (609) 655-0404

  • Registration opens at 2PM; arrive early
  • Wear traditional indian clothing
  • Your spot at the homam will be assigned on a first come first serve basis; no exceptions.
  • Enter the ashram from the west side entrance
  • Please car pool as much as possible
  • If parking at the ashram is full then Information on additional parking option will be provided at the registration at the ashram.
  • Homam participation for walk-ins registration will be on the spot available basis.

Download flyer for more information – click Sri Chakra Homam – NJ – September 2012

Please add your information in the form below (below the Paypal window, where it says “Post A Reply” ) if you would like to sign up for the homam, or if you want more information, or have other information for us.

Click below to use Paypal to sign up and pay for the Homam



13 Responses to SriChakra Homam in New Jersey on September 29 2012

  1. Vasava Krishnamoorthy says:

    My wife Alka and I will be participating in the homam.

  2. Sathya Koteeswaran says:

    Hari Om,
    My wife Suganthi and I will be participating in the homam.

  3. Madhavi Puppala says:

    3 sets of us, (us, my parents and my in-laws) will be participating in this auspicious homam – Madhavi

  4. Alka Patel says:

    we will be participating in Homas

  5. Rashmi Seth says:

    I would like to participate in the homam. Please contact ASAP. On my email. Thank you.

  6. Srinivas and Bindu Lanka says:

    Mani Garu,

    As per our conversaton earlier today, we would like to participate in the Homa. I have completed the transaction via paypal. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

  7. Raj & Sangeeta Brahmbhatt says:

    We are going to participate in the Sri Chakra Homam ceremony in Sep 2012 – NJ.

  8. Kiran says:

    we will be participating in homas. Thanks!!

  9. Pragnesh Desai says:

    Please register Pragnesh and Kinnari Desai for the
    Sept. 29th 2012 Homa with seating closer to the center.
    A check has been sent to Mr. Akella Mani in favor of
    “Soundarya Lahiri”. Please confirm receipt of the check.
    Thanks !
    Pragnesh Desai

  10. Vijayanand Kolluru says:

    Please register myself and my wife for the Sri Chakra Homam on September 29th. I will pay online or bring check when we come there.

    Vijayanand Kolluru

  11. Rama Chander Kolluri says:

    Myself and my wife will attending sri chakra homam on Sat. I just paid online. Please confirm the receipt of payment.


    Ramachander Kolluri

  12. Zachery says:

    quick question: what number of visits do you get to your
    domain please?

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