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“There is nothing you cannot be; there is nothing you cannot do. There is nothing you cannot have.”
Thus wrote Neale Donald Walsch in his book, “Conversations with God,” a volume that Sri Subbaraogaru treasures, and one that explains his determination and willpower – characteristics you recognize within moments of conversing with him.

Sri Subbarao Kompella was born in 1953, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He is the youngest child of Sri Surya Narayana Murthy and Smt. Yasoda. As a young Guru Karuna child, Sri Subbaraogaru was extremely fond of his mother and spent most of his childhood under her guidance. Sri Subbaraogaru embarked on his spiritual journey with the blessings of his guru, Sri Amritanada, in 1978, at the age of 25. By the grace of his guru, his love for his mother blossomed into love for the Divine Mother.

Having graduated from the University of Madras with a BE in Civil Engineering, Sri Subbaraogaru moved to Andhra Pradesh and, in December of 1981, married Usha Ratna.

A year later, the birth of his first daughter, Yashoda Sri Lakshmi, brought him much joy. It was during this time that his interest in the Divine Mother  blossomed. The supportiveness of his wife and the absolute blessings showered by his guru intensified his devotion and dedication to Goddess Mother, Lalitha.

In 1985, the year his second daughter, Purnima Sri Vidya, was born, Sri Amritananda bestowed real amrit (nectar) upon Sri Subbaraogaru by teaching him the great mahayagna known as Navavarna Puja. As the years went by, Sri Subbaraogaru’s dedication to Sri Vidya Upasana and his extraordinary love for Goddess Lalitha began to attract the attention of many, whom he inspired to practice Sri Vidya. He shared the knowledge imparted by his Guru with others and taught Navavarna Puja to all who were interested in the Divine Mother.

With time his desire to spread the name of the Divine Mother, Lalitha, and to foster a deeper understanding of Sri Vidya, intensified. In 1995, with the blessings of his guru, Sri Subbaraogaro and his family immigrated to New Zealand. While there, Sri Subbaraogaru began performing pujas for the Indian community there in order to spread cultural and religious awareness. Working for New Zealand Income Support Services on the weekdays, he dedicated his weekends to performing and teaching pujas to everyone. His unique approach of explaining the deeper meanings of each mantra attracted hundreds of people from all over the country to experience the rituals.

In 1998, Sri Subbaraogaru moved to the United States alone and spent eight months struggling in search of a job. Though he continued his daily spiritual practices, he was disheartened to be away from his family and experienced a great sense of loneliness. His only companion during these tough times was an icon of the Goddess Bhairavi that he brought with him from New Zealand.

One night before going to bed, Sri Subbaraogaru was overwhelmed with feelings of despair and questioned the icon of Bhairavi as to whether she was with him or not during these dreary times. He asked her to show him some sign of hope. The next morning he awoke to find that the icon of the Goddess and the area surrounding it were a little sticky; but in his inattentive state of mind he did not give it much thought. On returning from work that evening, however, he returned to the Goddess only to find her drenched in honey. This honey flowed from the icon steadily for two full days. Seeing this extraordinary sight, Sri Subbaraogaru was ecstatic – and his faith in the Divine Mother has been unerring ever since.

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