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Thoughts To Ponder Through the Year Hardcover. Dr. Prasad provides his 366 thoughts to ponder through the year as an inspiration for the readers to lead a life of peace, happiness and contentment. Order your copy from amazon


By Dr. M.G.Prasad

$5+$3.99 shipping

Sacred Spaces - An Interfaith Journey covering 6 major religions: Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism and Islam. Includes description of the basics of each of these religions. order your copy from amazon

Handsomely bound with vivid descriptions and color pictures of the sacred places

By Dr. M.G.Prasad and Lauren B. Weiss

$19.95+$3.99 shipping

Garland - An Anthology on Vedic Hinduism by Dr. M.G.Prasad, 220 pages, $10, published by The Foundation for Arts and Sciences from India, (ARSI), Flushing, NY.

A collection of 72 essays, lecture notes, and articles giving insight into the various aspects of life as viewed by Bharatiya culture.

Multi-Faceted Vedic Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) by Dr. M.G.Prasad, 56 pages, $2, published by The Foundation for Arts and Sciences from India, (ARSI), Flushing, NY.

Highlights the Vedic Hindu view of: Objectives of life and how to realize them, Scriptures, Rituals and Festivals, Temples and Manifestations of God, Arts and Sciences, Vedanta and Yoga, The Traidic Approach

Daily Prayers- A compilation by Dr. M.G.Prasad, 32 pages, $2, published by Vagartha, Banglore, India.

A collection of 20 prayers in Sanskrit with English transliteration and meaning. Organized as Prayers to be recited in bed after waking up, while taking bath, before taking food, in the evening hours while lighting the lamp, before sleeping, and others.
108 Thoughts to Ponder by Dr. M.G.Prasad, 108 pages, $2.00, published by The Foundation for Arts and Sciences from India, (ARSI), Flushing, NY.

Short, Profound, Principles of Life.


Plays and Dance-Dramas by Youths

  1. Purandarana Jnanodaya : A dance drama on the incidents which led the miser merchant Srinivasa Nayaka transform into Saint Purandaradasa.
  2. Yaksha Prashna : This play was about the dialogue between Yaksha and Dharmaraya.
  3. Great Souvenir’s of India [Bharatada Mahan Pratikagalu] : This play is about Aristotle’s reverence to India. Aristotle asks Alexander to bring three great souvenirs namely Bhagavadgita, Flute and some water from River Ganga.
  4. Mohini Bhasmasura : This dance drama is about the epic story of killing of demon Bhasmasura by Vishnu as Mohini.
  5. Girija Kalyana : This dance-drama is about the marriage between Lord Shiva and Parvati.
  6. Gada Yuddha : This play was about the fight between Bheema and Duryadhana.
  7. Bharatanatya Ugama : This dance drama is about the origination of Bharata Natya, the classical dances of India.
  8. Karna’s Quest : This play is about Karna seeking knowledge.
  9. Venkatesha Vaibhava : This play is about the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Lord Venkateshwara.
  10. Bhookailasa : This dance drama was about the devotion of Ravana to Lord Shiva and consecration of Rameshwaram.
  11. Mantralaya Pratishtapane : This play was about the consecration of Mantalaya by Swami Raghavendra of the land given by a Muslim king.
  12. Onake Obavva : This play was about the heroic deeds of a lady Obavva during the attack of Muslim king on the land of Madakarinayaka
  13. Krishnaleela : This dance recital described the glory of Lord Krishna.
  14. Episodes of Ramayana : This dance-drama was about several episodes from Ramayana.
  15. Tiruppavai : This performance was a dance recital for all the thirty devotional verses composed by lady alwar Andal.
  16. Narasimha Avatara Vaibhava : This dance drama was about manifestation of the Lord Narayana through the pillar as Lord Narasimha to prove the truth of Omnipresence of the Supreme Being and to punish demon Hiranyakashipu who harassed his devotee-son, Prahlada.
Plays by Adults
  1. Bhaktiya Kare : This play was based on the miraculous event in the life of Saint Kanakadasa.
  2. Parivarthane : This play was based on the transformation of a barbarian Angulimala into a monk through Buddha, the enlightened one.
  3. Badalagada Niluvu : This play was based on the uncompromising principles of Socrates.
  4. Sita-Rama kalyana : This was a dance-drama depicting the events leading to marriage of Sita and Sri Rama.
  5. Ramanuja Vaibhava : This play was about the inspiring incident in which Bhagavad Ramanuja taught the interested and seeking devotees about the significance of Lord Narayana.
  6. Dasa-sharana vaibhava : This program presented several songs of dasas and sharanas with brief commentaries. Among them, several songs were presented simultaneously with dance exposition.
  7. Shiva sharanara vachana vaibhava : This program presented several vachanas by shiva sharanas with brief commentaries. Some vachanas were simultaneously presented with dance exposotion.
  8. Vijayanagara Vaibhava : This play was about the grandeur of Vijayanagara empire through its support of arts, literature and culture.
  9. Shapatha : This play is about the great oath taken by Chanakya to bring Dharma in Magadha Empire.
  10. Yuga Kalyaana Vaibhava : This is a dance drama depicting the eternal union of universal mother, Lakshmi and father, Naraayana through the various yuga’s. 65 artists participated in this major performance.

Knowledge Cards

Using Taranga cards, a game like jeopardy has been conducted in many places.

  1. Ramayana
  2. Mahabharata





  1. Science, Technology, and Sanskrit in Ancient India (PDF, 580K): by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Presented at Stevens Institute Of Technology, Oct 2005

  2. Mantras to Music (doc 3.1 MB) : by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Acoustics in Hinduism Presented at the 2004 Conference of the Acoustical Soceity Of America (ASA) in San Diego, CA. 5 pages with embedded Video Clips.

  3. Multifaceted Vedic Hinduism (ppt 1.7MB) : by Dr. M.G.Prasad -An introduction to multiple facets of Vedic Hinduism, 20 pages

  4. Shankha and Murli (ppt 1.0MB) : by Dr. M.G.Prasad -Spiritual And Musical Expressions of Vedic Hinduism, with video clips, 10 pages

  5. Perspectives in Acoustics (ppt 0.89MB : by Dr. M.G.Prasad -Acoustics In Hinduism, with Video clips, 13 pages

  6. Upanishads (ppt 238 KB) : by Dr. M.G.Prasad - An Introduction to Upanishads , 19 pages

  7. Lecture series on Mukundamaalaa

    Articles in PDF Format

    Added 2014-03-24

  8. Acoustics 2013 Article - Chants Shells Bells and Gongs - Proceedings of Acoustics 2013:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  9. Acoustics 2013 Presentation - Chants Shells Bells and Gongs - Proceedings of Acoustics 2013:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  10. Musical Pillars - Proceedings of Acoustics 2013:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  11. Acoustics of Conch Shells:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  12. Article on Sudarshana Homa:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  13. Basics of Hinduism through questions and answers :by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  14. Bhagavad Gita and Vedanta:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  15. Bhagavad Gita as a Dialogue:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  16. Bhagavan SRI KRISHNA Source of Joy:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  17. Chamakam Desires for Fulfillment in Life:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  18. Deepavali:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  19. Four fold morning prayers Suprabhatam to Lord Venkatesa:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  20. Four fold objective of Hinduism:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  21. Four Fold Description of Sound Chapter 4:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  22. Haridasas of Karnataka:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  23. Left and Right side concepts in Hinduism:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  24. Lord Narasimha A Wondrous Incarnation:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  25. Musical Pillars and Singing Rocks:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  26. My Most Influential Teacher:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  27. Navaratri Significance:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  28. Navratri and Dashara:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  29. Oral Tradition in Indian Civilization Chapter 6:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  30. POOJA:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  31. Prapatti:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  32. Relevance of Ramayana:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  33. Role of Sound in Sanatana Dharma Vedic Hinduism:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  34. Sambaashtakam:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  35. Seemantam 1:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  36. Seemantam 2:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  37. Shabda:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  38. Shanti Mantras Translations of Nine Mantras:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  39. Social Justice in Ancient India in Artha Shastra:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  40. Some Basic Features of Indian Heritage:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  41. Space and Sound article:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  42. Spiritual Development through Devaalaya:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  43. Spiritual Insights into Hindu Deities:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  44. Sri Lalita Sahasranama An Overview:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  45. Sri Maha Ganapati:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  46. The role of yogaasanas:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  47. Tiruppavai Sacred vow:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  48. Upanayana Samskara:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  49. Vedic Perspectives on Acoustics:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  50. Vedic Perspectives on Varna Dharma:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  51. Vivaha Samskara:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  52. What is Yoga:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  53. YUGAADI 2013:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

  54. YUGAADI 2014 - 2015:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF)

    Previous Additions to Library of Articles

  55. Vedic Perspectives on Acoustics:by Dr. M.G.Prasad (PDF, 4,412K)

  56. Role of Yogasanas:by Dr. Amruthur Narasimhan and Dr. M.G.Prasad Dec 2009 (PDF, 923K)

  57. Agenda for Hindus:by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Presented on RBC Radio, Dec 2006 (PDF, 22K)

  58. An integrated approach towards Creating Student-Awareness and Pedagogy concerning efficient Management of Multi-Cultural Teams in Engineering Projects :by Anilkumar Bhate, Lex McCusker, M.G. Prasad, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken New Jersey (PDF, 28K)

  59. Basics of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) through Q & A:by Dr. M.G.Prasad - 7 basic questions (PDF, 28K)

  60. Global Vision through Sanatana Dharma: by Dr. M.G.Prasad -How Sanatana Dharma can provide Global Vision(PDF, 26K)

  61. Peace through dialogue: A view of Sanatana Dharma (Vedic Hinduism): by Dr. M.G.Prasad - (PDF, 28K)

  62. Sudarshan Homa: by Dr. M.G.Prasad - (PDF, 28K)

  63. What Is Yoga: (ppt) by Dr. M.G.Prasad - (PDF, 28K)

  64. What Is Yoga: (Article) by Dr. M.G.Prasad - (PDF, 28K)

  65. Upanishads: by Dr. M.G.Prasad - (PDF, 28K)

  66. Shankha(Conch-Shell) andMurali(Bamboo Flute) : Spiritual and Musical Expressions of Vedic Hinduism by Dr. M.G.Prasad - (PDF, 28K)

  67. Om:by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Significance of Om (PDF, 28K)

  68. Mantras to Music: Acoustics in Hinduism: by Dr. M.G.Prasad -Role of Acoustics in Vedic Hinduism(PDF, 28K)

  69. An introduction to multiple facets of Vedic Hinduism: by Dr. M.G.Prasad - 20 pages(PDF, 28K)

  70. Sri Venkateswara Abhishekam at HTCS - by Goaplachary Lakshmanan. An overview of the procedure and meaning of Abhishekam (THIRUMANJANAM in Sri Vaishnava parlance) performed for Sri Venkateswara (Balaji) every Saturday morning at 10:30 AM at the Bridgewater temple, NJ, 2 pages

  71. Bhagvat Gita As A Dialog - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - An synopsis of the questions and answers between Arjuna and Sri Krishna, 10 pages

  72. Deepaavali - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - An overview of the significance of Deepaavali, 1 page

  73. Hindu Festivals - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - An overview and significance of Major Hindu Festivals - presented to kids at HTCS Summer Camp , 5 pages

  74. Gratitude - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - How to express gratitude - 3 verses, 2 pages

  75. Indian Heritage- by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Basic features of Indian Heritage, 2 pages

  76. Krishna Janmashtami- by Geetha Prasad - presented to kids at Summer Camp, 4 pages

  77. Life Of Rama - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Relevance of Rama's Life (Ramayan), 1 page

  78. mantra To music - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - An overview of various aspects of Sound in Hinduism , 5 pages (with video clips)

  79. Memo From God - author unknown - Interesting perspective, 5 pages

  80. Multifaceted Vedic Hinduism - an Introduction - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Highlights the Vedic Hindu view of: Objectives of life and how to realize them, Scriptures, Rituals and Festivals, Temples and Manifestations of God, Arts and Sciences, Vedanta and Yoga, The Traidic Approach, 15 Pages

  81. Perspectives in Acoustics - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - An overview, 13 pages

  82. Pooja - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Significance of Pooja, 1 page

  83. Prakaara and Vaahana Utsava - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - The Temple as a symbol of The Human Body, 1 page

  84. Relevance of Ramayana - by Dr. M.G.Prasad , 2 pages

  85. Relevance Of Upanishad - by Dr. M.G.Prasad , 4 pages

  86. Selected Verses of Bhagvad Gita - selected by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Prepared to convey the essence of the Bhagvad Gita - in sanskrit and English meaning, 42 pages

  87. Shankh and Murli - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - Examination into these 2 musical instruments dear to Hindus,  10 pages

  88. Some Major Hindu Festivals - by Dr. M.G.Prasad, 1 page

  89. Spirituality and Social Awakening Through Music in India - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - 2 pages

  90. Mahaguru and Mandiram - by Swami RangaPriya - A must read - learnings from the life of Sudguru Sri Ranga - 8 pages

  91. Symbolism - an Introduction - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - The meaning behind some symbols and images of Gods, 14 pages

  92. Taranga Kalaalaya - a flier highlighting the activities of Taranga Kalaalaya - school of Arts, 2 pages

  93. Tiruppavai - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - The 30 verses composed by Andal, 2 pages

  94. Upanishads - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - An introductory presentation - 19 pages

  95. Vedic Perspective Of Sound - Science and Spirituality  - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - A collection of articles

  96. Vishnu Sahastranama -  transcript of a talk given by Dr. M.G.Prasad, 34 pages

  97. Vivaha Samskara - by Dr. M.G.Prasad - The meaning of rituals performed at the Hindu Wedding, 3 pages

  98. Yuga Kalyana - a flier highlighting the  Musical Dance Ballet performed by 60 artisits. pictures